A few months ago, when youngest daughter (10) stayed over at my sister’s house & got scared after watching “Hide and Seek,” I told her that she got scared so much because she has an overactive imagination. She asked me if that meant that people who like scary movies don’t have a big imagination – I told her that I guess that could be true, but probably they’re just not scared by movies for some reason – probably because they remember that they’re only a movie & not real.

Tonight, my sister took her 2 teenagers to see “The Grudge 2,” and her 2 youngest stayed with us. When she came to pick up the girls, my lovely daughter who has selective memory said, “My mom said you don’t get scared by scary movies because you don’t have a very big imagination.”

That is NOT what I said – but how do I explain that to my 10 yr old who insists that I did say it? Good grief.