I usually don’t remember my dreams. This past week has been an exception.

One night I dreamed that Johnny Depp was my children’s father & that we were together and planning to purchase another home together. There was no Vanessa in his life (so I was not breaking up their home or anything). We talked about what we wanted in a home for us, for the children, location, size, style, features. It was a lovely dream. I woke up waaayyy too soon that morning.

Another night, I dreamed that Jon Bon Jovi came to work at my company. He sat with me so I could train him. I got no work or training done – just fumbled around on the keyboard, blushed & stuttered. All. Day. Long. In my dream, I took up smoking so I could go out with him at break time & smoke with him – to have a chance to visit about things that are not only work-related.

I’m not sure about the smoking thing, as I’d not ever do that with my oldest daughter’s asthma, but it was a great dream aside from that.

I wonder why I dreamed those dreams and why I remember them so vividly still.