A: You remind me of someone. I know! Drew Careymore.
B: Who? Drew Barrymore? or Drew Carey?
A: Yeah! That’s him!


A:I did not have any implants during my surgery.
B: It was not a prosthetic implant, it was a suture.
A: I am telling you, I did not have an implant. I just went to the airport.
B: The airport?
A: I didn’t set off the metal detector.
B: The sutures we use are not metal.
A: Oh.


A: I think that during their training, overseas customer service reps pick their favorite movie star’s name to use.
I get Julia a lot. Julia Roberts. And Steven. Steven Costner.

B: Who? Do you mean Kevin Costner or Steven Segall?

A: Oh yeah. You know I always get movie star names mixed up.