**names have been changed to protect the guilty**

Today, Phoebe was over talking to Chandler. My desk is near Chandler’s, so I couldn’t help overhearing part of their conversation.

They were talking about their children’s baseball teams. At one point, Phoebe said, “I told him that I hate to be the BARRIER of bad news….”

After that I heard nothing else, I was thinking of what a barrier of bad news would look like. Would it be a big wall of newspapers (always full of bad news), or more like a wall of smoke? Would it be an invisible wall that you keep banging into with your head?

Any ideas?


We now only have the black & white rabbit. (I love Craigslist.. thanks for mentioning it in your blog, Jackie!)

We were told that he’s a boy (after thinking he was a girl & calling him/her Haley all weekend). He’s now named Jack.

He was not named because of jackrabbits.

He was named after Captain Jack Sparrow. 🙂