Hooray for Milk Duds!

Youngest daughter was scheduled to have a pulled on Wednesday because the roots were not dissolving properly & the adult tooth was growing in sort of behind-beside the tooth. The dentist recommended pulling the baby tooth so that the adult tooth would be able to grow in to the correct place.

Tonight, youngest daughter was eating Milk Duds when I reminded her of the dental appointment on Wednesday. She said, “Maybe when I eat these Milk Duds, the tooth will get loose & come out.”

About 30 seconds later, she yelled & came running over with that very tooth stuck in a Milk Dud!

She’s thrilled that she won’t have to get numbed & have it pulled.
I’m thrilled that I won’t have to pay the copay.

All for a $1.00 box of Milk Duds.
Well worth the price! πŸ™‚