13 things about Titanium’s week

1. This has been a big week for Oklahoma University Football.

2. I will not pretend to be “in the know” about it, as I know next to nothing about football.

3. I do know, however, that people I work with who are huge OU Football fans are disappointed in the car dealership who paid an OU Football player $18,000 to work for 5 days, or something like that.

4. I wish I had a job that paid $18,000 for each 5 days that I work.

5. Since I don’t throw the pigskin really well (and perhaps the fact that I’m not a late-teen or early 20’s athlete capable of making passes/touchdowns to bring in loads of $$ for the football program), I’ll not have that particular job at the car dealership anytime soon.

6. Another reason my chances for that great paying job might be squashed is that the dealership was bought earlier this year & the new ownership doesn’t pay that well, or so I’ve heard.

7. My sister & her family are here! They’ve moved into their house & have mazes of boxes everywhere.

8. Soon, the boxes will be emptied and carried off. When I went by yesterday afternoon, I could barely see the front porch for all the boxes.

9. My sis said that at one point, she thought it was getting dark. All the sunlight was being blocked by the boxes stacked right outside the front door & living room windows.

10. All the employees of my company got company shirts yesterday. They’re quite nice, actually. Similar to polo shirts. The women’s shirts have a way better collar than the traditional polo shirt does.

11. Tomorrow we’re all working for 4 hours, then having pizza. The company has rented out the movie theatre in Bricktown & we’re going to see a movie. Wearing our new shirts.

12. Luckily, we don’t have to hold hands to complete the “field trip” feeling.

13. We’re seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest.

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