Yesterday at work, Rachel, a coworker, was really happy about something she had done in the new computer system we’ve recently begun using. She said, “I need a sign that says, “Rachel, you’re the bomb.”

So, our supervisor, Chandler, said that he’d get her a sign when he went to lunch.

When Chandler got back, he told Rachel that when he’d gone to get the sign made for her, they kept having to send it back. For almost an hour, the strangest thing kept happening. Each time the machine was programmed to print “Rachel, you’re the bomb,” it came out with the words, “Chandler, you’re the bomb,” printed on it instead.

He said it had never happened in that shop before & all the employees were dumbfounded by this. Their machines must have somehow reprogrammed themselves & changed the name.

Until the machines are fixed, it looks like Rachel will have to wait for her sign.

Very interesting, eh? 🙂

(names have been changed to protect the guilty)