13 things about Titanium’s universal remote

1. Tonight, the batteries mysteriously fell out of the tv remote.

2. When youngest daughter put them back in, they got put in upside down. Oops!

3. When this was discovered, enough time had passed to make the codes no longer worked to operate the tv, vcr and dvd player.

4. I tried to figure it out with a friend, but I was not able to get it programmed.

5. Then I found this site with directions.

6. Here are the directions (for safekeeping).

7. Instructions for how to use the CODE SEARCH button to set up the television:

8. (A) Manually turn the power to your television set ON.

9. (B) Hold down the Code Search button on the remote for 2-3 seconds until the light on the remote stays on.

10. (C) Push the TV button on the remote.

11. (D) Point the remote at your television and slowly press POWER until the television turns OFF.

12. (E) Press the ENT button on the remote. (It is under the number 7 button).

13. That’s it! Worked like a charm. All three devices are working with no trouble.

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