I picked up my youngest daughter & niece from camp on Friday night. We stayed with oldest daughter, Aunt, cousin’s son & Granny at Granny’s house overnight.

Son stayed with my dad & nephew overnight. They drove back Saturday morning, too.

The kids had a great time at camp. Lots of people who came to camp when I was a kid were there. It was great to see people that have known me since 3rd grade or before. I don’t find that much these days since I don’t live where I grew up.

Son won the 3 on 3 basketball tournament & the free throw contest. Youngest daughter won the connect 4 tournament. Both of their cabins did well in the Bible Bowl & Super Team Day. Their clothes were filthy and their smiles were wide and a bit tired looking.

After feeling nervous & apprehensive about attending camp with people they didn’t know (except for their cousins & Papa), they made new friends and participated in every aspect of camp…. which is exactly what I’d hoped would happen.

Oldest daughter & another niece stayed with Aunt & Granny last week. They stayed up late, slept late, went to several museums, the nature center, to the lake and visited with family that they’d not seen for a long time. They had a great time.

After a week with no High School Musical Soundtrack, the girls got their fix on the way home. We blasted it for about half of the 4 hour drive. They sang very loudly and giggled the whole time.

The laundry situation is just like when they got home from camp earlier this summer.. tons of it.. very stinky… but I’m making my way through the piles. We’ll soon have it all clean & put away.
Good news: Son took showers each day at camp & wore clean underwear every day! Of the 10 pairs of underwear I sent (sent extra b/c I wasn’t sure if they’d go play in the water slides at the creek or not), 9 pairs were dirty! YIPPEE! He wasn’t a stinky-non-showered boy last week!

Things are back to normal here at home. It’s not quiet & peaceful any longer… the house is full of laughter, kids voices, and messes.

I’m glad they’re home.